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Wedding Services

Providing Everything You Need

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Wedding Planner

Wedding Planners take care of all the logistics, from vendor referrals to contract negotiations. We take care of the day of execution of your vision!


Wedding planners are the first ones hired for the job as we take all the guess work out of the process, making planning a wedding seamless and as smooth as possible! We provide design or styling services, that helps with the creative specifics of your wedding day.

Wedding Coordinator

Wedding Coordinator is also logistically focused like a planner however on a shorter timeline than a wedding planner. We offer a Month of Coordinator and Day of Coordinator.


If you have always wanted to plan your wedding and then leave the details to someone to execute , then the month of or day of wedding coordinator is for you!


We begin helping you about 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding and we make sure that your vendors are running on time, we also run your rehearsal and make sure that the time line is running as planned.

Even though coordinators run on shorter timeline to you it is always advisable to book as soon as you have chosen your venue!

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Wedding Designer

If you just need help with aesthetics then this is the perfect person for you. Wedding designers don't deal with the contract negotiations however when it comes to style this job is what they were born to do!


Designers consult on everything from floor plans, florals, furniture and lighting! They know how to take a space and create magic!


 Wedding designers create a cohesive, stylish and sophisticated look for your big day!

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